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“Glenn, you are right on!  I cannot believe how you knew what was coming up this year for me.

I was being asked to sign a legal document I didn’t want to, so I went to the Personal Year Forecast and you plainly said, ‘Do not sign any papers of any kind during this four month period.’

 Thank God, I had your warning.  D – Alaska

  • This is Glenn’s most popular written report, with most clients ordering every year, some for thirteen or more years.
  • It is a non-computerized  exclusive program and is done individually for each client, taking Glenn about 4 ½ hours.
  • It covers four major cycles and many minor cycles that are going on in a person’s life each year.
  • It can start  on any date, since some of the cycles begin with the calendar year and others begin with your birthday.
  • It is based on the teachings of a most distinguished and respected deceased Astro-Numerologist.
  • Information required is: your birth date AND your full name on your birth certificate unless it was changed within the first three months after birth.
  • The Forecast includes an interpretation of your Life Path or Destiny number and a Summary of the entire 25+ page report.
  • It is emailed to you as a WORD doc.  You can print it and refer to it every week.
  • This report is very accurate!

 $94 USD 



“Glenn, there is not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and how your report, Natal Horoscope,

showed me my potential for greatness.”   S – Tennessee

  • Glenn feels everyone needs this written report to understand who you are, why you are here, and what you are supposed to be doing with your life.
  • Glenn also feels every parent should order this after the birth of each child to fully understand that child and help guide the child to reach potentials and overcome challenges.  At age 14 the children can read the report for themselves.
  • It is a computerized esoteric (spiritual) program that Glenn has extensively edited for her clients.
  • It is NOT a predictive report, but is a lifetime written report for understanding the person.
  • Included is a colorful planetary wheel and a section by Glenn about special advantages and challenges for the person.
  • Information required is:  the name, birth date, birth place and birth time.
  • The entire 25+ page Natal Horoscope is printed in color.
  • It is emailed to you as a WORD, doc.

$64 USD




“If only I had read my transit report to know how the planets were aspected for me while I was on a trip, I could have avoided a bad fall.  Your reports hit a lot of nails right on the head.

I just need to read mine more often.  Thank you, Glenn.”  R. Missouri

      ·     This written report tells you how the transiting planets in the heavens are currently affecting the planets in your personal Natal Horoscope, positively or challengingly. 

  • It is similar to reading a Horoscope in the newspaper, BUT it is specifically for YOU.
  • This is an astrological written forecast compatible with the PERSONAL YEAR FORECAST (which is primarily numerological).
  • It includes dates and aspects.
  • It is a computerized esoteric (spiritual) program that Glenn has extensively edited for her clients.
  • It includes a three page colorful introduction to help you use the Transit Forecast to your best advantage.
  • Information required is:  the name, birth date, birth place and birth time.
  • Glenn offers two written reports: the 25+ page Yearly Transit Forecast for the outer, slow-moving planets OR the 75+ page Yearly Transit Forecast for all the planets and the Sun.  (The Moon moves so fast, it is not included.)
  • Which ever Transit you order will be emailed to you in a WORD doc..


Yearly Transit Forecast (outer planets only)        $54 USD 


Yearly Transit Forecast (all Planets & Sun)           $94 USD 




“I was planning to move out west.  My house sale was being blocked, and the property I had negotiated for out west did not come through.  Then you did the Relocation Report for me.  It showed how that would not have been a good place to build a business and make friends.  I am so glad for your help and advice.”  N – Florida

  • This is a detailed astrology mapping program that tells a person where are the best places in the world to live and find great work success, love and marriage, a boost to your personal ego, and the best home for the present or retirement.
  • Glenn usually includes reports of four or more cities for your consideration.
  • You can request specific cities or tell Glenn what you are searching for and she will study the maps and print city reports that seem best for your desires.
  • The report includes a 3 page introduction by Glenn to help you understand the enclosed maps and the lines thereon, as well as the written city reports.
  • Glenn personally edits each location report with colorful pluses and minuses as to whether she feels the report is positive or negative for you.
  • Glenn has experienced personally the importance of knowing the energy vibrations of a location before a move is made.
  • Information required is: your name, your birth date, time of birth and city.
  • It is emailed to you in WORD, doc.


$69 USD  (for couples, $94 because every city must be studied & printed for both people)



“I was totally surprised that you were able to tell me about myself just from my birth name and date.  I went back through my life with some of the dates and I was amazed how what was going on then was right on

with the dates you included.  I am happy to know my real purpose.”  B – Alaska

  • This is a non-computerized program with Glenn’s personal interpretations for you.
  • A Numerologist needs only your birth date and full name on your birth certificate.
  • This report will tell you who you are, what is your purpose, how you can best accomplish that, what motivates you, what are you secret desires, why you have challenges in certain areas of life, and how you solve problems.
  • It will give you the dates of your major life cycles and dates of important turning points in your life.
  • The section on Life Challenges will indicate lessons that need to be learned and help you learn them with more ease.
  • It is emailed to you in a WORD, doc.

 $94 USD



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CONTACT GLENN to order your written reports.  Please include your name, birth date, email address and telephone where you can be reached.