Counseling Services


            In-person counseling is limited to the Whole Life Festivals and when Dr. Glenn is available. 

“A year and a half ago, you told me to find a more aggressive lawyer to get the insurance money that was due me.  You said that I would have the money in April.  I have to tell you how accurate was your advice.

Today, when I had another major decision, my husband asked what I was going to do.

I said, ‘I’m going to see Glenn, of course.’  W -Tennessee


      Dr. Glenn will call you at the appointed time at no additional charge.

“I’ve talked to many counselors.  You have the most compassion and understanding of anyone.

 I can just feel a sense of caring and great love coming from you, even over the phone.

Thank you, Glenn.”   J – California.”



Sessions can be scheduled on Yahoo Messenger.  She has voice (mike and headphones) capabilities if the client prefers to use them.  She also has Skype capabilities.

“Your sessions are always so insightful and extremely accurate!!!   I am very grateful I have been guided to seek your advice for my troubling matters.”  C – Australia


Guidelines for sessions apply to all Counseling Services:


  • After the session is scheduled, Dr. Glenn invokes guidance from God, her angels, the Holy Spirit and her guides. 
  • She then tunes into you from the sound of your voice, your name and birth date.
  • Not required, but she may ask for your place and time of birth if you know this, because she likes to give you a free copy of your Natal Horoscope wheel, if you so desire.
  • To counsel you, she may use her intuitive clairsentient (feelings) and occasional clairvoyant (seeing) abilities, Dolphin and Karma cards, astrology and numerology, and the pendulum.
  • If you have many questions, she gives you an opportunity to ask them, but she usually begins by telling you what she has “picked up” in her pre-session guidance.
  • She insists that you be open to receive from her, without jumping to saying such things as “No,” “that is not right,” etc.  Many times a client will later remember something Glenn has told them that happened in the past or it may happen in the future.


Payment in advance with Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discovery, PayPal

 30 minute session…..$60 USD

 1 hour session……….$120 USD

 CONTACT GLENN to schedule your appointment.  Please include your name, birth date, email address and telephone where you can be reached.