Glenn’s complilation of many of her written articles, TV show scripts, and speeches that can answer many of your metaphysical questions.

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Chapter 1 My Path

Chapter 2 Divination – Good or Evil?

Chapter 3 Have We Lived Before?

Chapter 4 Lunations (Moon)

Chapter 5 Playing the Numbers Game

Chapter 6 It’s All in the Name

Chapter 7 Dreams, Your Personal Guidance Counselor

Chapter 8 The Healing Power of Love

Chapter 9 Love, Lust and Soulmates….It’s in the Stars

Chapter 10 Finding Your Soulmate

Chapter 11 What Do You Do When the Relationship is Over?

Chapter 12 Spiritual Family Holidays to Remember

Chapter 13 Remembering Our Fathers

Chapter 14 The Indian in the Bathroom

Chapter 15 A Time to Be Grateful

Chapter 16 Who Needs Healing Love More, You or Your Animal Friends?

Chapter 17 Change your Energy, Change Your Life

Chapter 18 To Everything There is a Season

Chapter 19 Entertaining Angels Unawares

Chapter 20 Are You a Hero? to Someone? to Yourself?

Chapter 21 Surrounded by White Light

Chapter 22 What is Your Spiritual Destiny?