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Alaska Whole Life Festival 



In January, 2001, with the encouragement and assistance from others, the first Alaska Whole Life Festival was held for one day in Anchorage.  An overflow crowd of enthusiastic guests attended.  The second festival that year was still a one-day event in May.  In September the festival moved to a larger venue and became a two-day event.  Attendance was growing and in 2004 the large McKinley Room at the Coast International Inn became “home” for festivals. The Festivals are usually held three times annually in Anchorage.



Seventeen years of success as “Alaska’s Premier Holistic Event” was celebrated with the fall, 2014 event.  Attendance for the two days ranges between 200-400 guests.  The Alaska Whole Life Festival had its premier event in Fairbanks in September, 2007 and continued for four years.

Forty Counselors, Vendors, Healers/Body Workers and Advertisers make up the participants.  Four Spiritual Groups and/or non-profit Centers are given spaces at a small fee to promote their work.  Each participant is carefully screened and interviewed by the promoter concerning their expertise and certification in their specific field AND their spiritual desire to truly help people, to help people make a difference in their lives.  Participants are allowed to charge whatever they desire for their services; but are encouraged to limit time with guests to 15 or 30 minute sessions. Private longer sessions are often scheduled for the week after the Festival.

Strict rules as to dress, attitude, behavior and commitment are enforced. No witchcraft or casting of spells is allowed.

Each day of the festival, the participants gather for a required get-acquainted circle to build camaraderie, share love and to set the stage for a day of helping those who need what the festival has to offer. A brief meditation, prayer-time and/or bonding experience is part of the circle.

In the Invitation Letter, the promoter states that the person is being invited because she feels “you have wisdom, expertise, a heart full of love and caring, a commitment to help people, and a commitment to the Festival and promoter.”  Many of the regular participants have earned doctorate or other advanced degree certification.  Many are ordained ministers.



Free lectures are conducted in a separate room all day both days. All of the participants are urged to give a lecture as time allows.

A one-hour featured workshop by a special participant is held on Saturday and Sunday.  The featured person is not paid except by donation after each workshop, and is a regular paid participant providing paid-for services throughout the festival, charging whatever they desire and selling their books, CDs and other products.   Many featured speakers are local Alaskans with special “gifts” to offer.  Many other featured speakers come from throughout the USA and even foreign countries.  They usually have a desire to come to Alaska and have someone promoting them before or after the festival for private extended sessions, workshops, classes, etc.

Fees for the 40 spaces vary according to what is being done and whether a participant is available for both days.

Guests pay $10 admission to the festival on Saturday and receive a half-price pass for Sunday. With their ID, students and military pay only $5. Food is available nearby and many guests come and stay all day both days.



Dr. Glenn Key traveled throughout the United States and Canada for thirteen years, many times three times a month, to Fairs, Expos, and Festivals of various sizes doing personal consulting and giving lectures. She gained a great deal of knowledge as to what makes a successful, positive spiritual event. She moved to Alaska in 1999, not intending to become a promoter, but the need and encouragement was there. People from outside Alaska who have attended make comments about the LOVE and SPIRIT they feel that is absent in many other such events elsewhere. Dr. Key does not use the often misused word, psychic, in reference to the festivals or participants. She uses the words spiritual intuitive counselors and healers because she feels everyone has spiritual gifts. She believes the Bible quote: I Corinthians 12: 10 that says, “To another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues.”  Those professionals at the festivals have developed their gifts to a high spiritual level.

Dr. Key opened her satellite office in Texas in the fall of 2005 and travels back and forth to Alaska to promote the festivals and see her personal clients and friends. Her heart is still in Alaska.


~WHOLE LIFE FESTIVAL Mission Statement~

To bring together folk who are seeking fellowship, love, spiritual enlightenment, healing, joy, guidance and enhanced energy.  

We believe that seekers will find opportunities to develop

these attributes through the God-given ‘gifts’

of the dedicated professional exhibitors.

Promoter contact info: Dr, Glenn Key

Phone: 817-894-5208


 “The Festival was WONDERFUL!  I want to commend you for your decision to come here and uphold an honorable and sacred space for healing and loving cohesion.  It has taken someone, like you, to be willing to see the vision and hold it.  Your stance has been courageous.”  E – Alaska

“Who isn’t recovering from the Whole Life Festival?? Here it is Thursday, and I’m still buzzing!!

The energy was huge!! There was so much to do!!

There was a lot of visiting going on!! We all saw people we hadn’t seen in ages!!  S – Alaska


“I had better results from your festival than any event I’ve worked in Texas. That is a tribute to the values you employ as the producer and the value that patrons receive that inspires them to continue to support the festival. One of my new clients today told me that he has been attending the festival for six years.  M – Texas


“This festival is such a gift. Thank you so much.”  C – Alaska

 “Thanks for being a positive source of spiritual information,

and thanks for the wonderful gifts you share.”  T – Alaska