About Dr. Glenn

Dr. Glenn Key is an internationally known Spiritual Counselor, living and working in Anchorage, AK and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.  She has been a student of metaphysics, Astrology and Numerology for about four decades.  In 2002, after six years of study and research, she completed her Master’s thesis, The Healing Power of Love, and her Doctoral dissertation, Dreams, Your Personal Guidance Counselor, and received both her Master and Doctor of Metaphysical Science degrees.   Her undergraduate degree from a large southern Christian university was in education and communication.

She was the hostess of the Dr. Glenn Show, a metaphysical TV show, which aired twice weekly in Anchorage for six years..  Many of Glenn’s published articles, TV scripts and speeches are available in her book, Along the Path, an Anthology. Glenn is the promoter of the Alaska Whole Life Festival three times annually in Anchorage for eleven years and in Fairbanks for four years.

Articles have appeared in various publications concerning Glenn’s work and forecasts, including The Houston Chronicle, The Toronto Sun, The London Free Press, and Car and Driver magazine. In the December 31, 1999 Anchorage Daily News, an article about Glenn appeared in which she predicted, Hillary Clinton’s election to the U.S. Senate and said (without knowing for sure who the candidates would be), “Al Gore will not be elected…young Bush will win, but it will be by a very slight margin.”

A perfectionist Virgo and 9 Destiny number, Glenn feels her purpose as a teacher is to help others understand who they are and their purpose on this planet.   Her private sessions in person, by phone and by internet, workshops, lectures, and writings are presented with a deep love and desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

Glenn is the mother of two successful sons, five extremely talented grandchildren and a new beautiful great-granddaughter.